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Sun's Cathed... : 2014-02-06 22:15:11 コメント 34件 共有 66人
Sun's Cathedral Quality: http://smu.gs/1ay26Q0  A subtle rainbow reflects the day's last light at Hamaura rice terrace. 浜浦の棚田にて、穏やかな虹がその日の最後の光の中で反映されている。 #photo   #photography   #japan   #riceterrace   #sunset  

Yattoyatto s... : 2013-09-04 13:09:41 コメント 67件 共有 39人
Yattoyatto sa! Quality: http://smu.gs/14WIald  Finally getting a handle on the mass of Koenji Awaodori shots. Still in love with the few shots in which I had the guts to get closer. Still impressed with the precision involved in these formations. More from Koenji Awaodori: http://www.jasonarney.com/Matsuri/Awa-Odori-in-Koeji-2013/  As with all other matsuri shots, these are LR only (aggressive use of brushing, but all things said, thanks to LR, the time investment isn't severe). #japan   #awaodori   #awaodori2013   #祭り   #夏祭り   #東京   #東京フォト  

Bloom (Ei-sa... : 2013-08-29 13:47:50 コメント 23件 共有 32人
Bloom (Ei-sa-!) Quality: http://smu.gs/16VaiRy  A bloom of dancers from the Koenji Awaodori. #japan   #awaodori   #awaodori2013   #祭り   #夏祭り  

Monkeys in a... : 2014-11-12 17:33:52 コメント 6件 共有 26人
Monkeys in a Row? More from Japanese Macaques: http://smu.gs/10VioP7 #cooljapan  

Yatto yatto ... : 2014-10-23 00:02:29 コメント 8件 共有 19人
Yatto yatto sa! Quality: http://smu.gs/1rfF3w3 The moment I think I've begun to burn out on matsuri edits I stumble upon a moment that stops time - once more the senses align, music fills my mind, dance consume my soul. You must know by now, these are the lovely ladies from Hyottoko Ren in one of the most famous formations. Some how lightning struck twice and I captured that decisive moment two years running! For more on Hyottoko Ren, including events they do on the off season: http://www.hyottoko-ren.com/  #cooljapan   #awaodori  

Rainbow Qual... : 2014-01-24 06:05:51 コメント 10件 共有 18人
Rainbow Quality: http://smu.gs/1aPtUKC  Calm winter sunset at Harumi Pier. Photography has allowed me to observe and discover in ways I would have never imagined. Perhaps I was merely unobservant in the past. I've learned the subtle narrow gradation only seen in winter sunsets are distinctly unique. 晴海ふ頭で穏やかな冬の夕焼けを味わいた。 想像できなかったように、撮影者としての活動の上、新しい感想、発見などが現れてきた。しかしながら、人間として発想力や発見力は足りないだけだと思う。冬の夕焼けは独特で、微細で細いグラディエントが見られる。 #photo   #photography   #japan   #tokyo   #tokyophotography   #tokyophoto   #sunset   #sunsetphotography   #sunsetphotos   #東京フォト   #夕焼けフォト  

Shine On Qua... : 2014-01-06 23:19:12 コメント 10件 共有 16人
Shine On Quality: http://smu.gs/1aAHa5o  English first... その後は変な日本語! You crazy (double) diamond Fuji! The sun crests over the top of Mt Fuji and welcomes in the new year. While it could be said, with the right weather, everyday offers two chances for a Diamond Fuji somewhere in Japan, despite my best efforts, until now I had only been greeted with a sea of clouds. I have +Yuga Kurita to thank for this shot... without his masterful guidance and deep generousity I would have attempted my New Year's shot from what are mostly inaccessible ruins (Yokohama Skywalk) and missed this glorious event. Chances are you already follow him, but if not, there's simply nobody putting out better Mt Fuji work. 不思議なダブルダイヤモンド富士!元日を歓迎するため、太陽が富士山の山頂を超えてきた。 当然、天気がよろしければ、毎日、2回に日本のどこかでダイヤモンド富士が見られるはずが、今までの運では、いくら努力掛けても、富士山が隠され、雲の海しかみられなかった。 今回は栗田先生に感謝しないといけない。彼の優れてガイド能力と限りない気前の上、この一枚の撮ることは可能になった。逆に、もう既に廃虚になっている横浜スカイワークから撮る予定であったので、この奇跡的な瞬間が味わえなかったはず。本当にありがとうございました! 栗田先生をフォローしていると思うが、そうではない場合、富士山の作に関して、彼のは唯一無二。

Persistance ... : 2014-02-27 23:54:07 コメント 6件 共有 14人
Persistance Quality: http://smu.gs/My10Z9  Hidden long the south western Izu coast lies majestic Senganmon. 西伊豆に隠されている雄大な千貫門が待っている。 #japan   #izu   #sunset   #sunsetphotography   #photo   #photography  

Quality: htt... : 2014-08-18 23:43:40 コメント 4件 共有 12人
Quality: http://smu.gs/XuUhWi  Another enjoyable aspect of local events is the tension and wonder in the air before the matsuri begins. Nervous minds will soon calm as music lifts the soul. #cooljapan  

Chime Qualit... : 2014-07-09 02:00:35 コメント 2件 共有 12人
Chime Quality: http://smu.gs/1tjL2pM X-T1 w/ 10-24 @f/13 Sun's first light wisps across the clouds at Hashigui Rocks in Wakayama, Japan. This was my first landscape outing with the X-T1 in a serious capacity and I'm happy to say it did not disappoint.

Awake Qualit... : 2013-09-24 13:28:56 コメント 16件 共有 10人
Awake Quality: http://smu.gs/16nePn0  Big thanks to +Jeff Austin for plowing through the night and the added wisdom and insight. #japan   #fuji   #富士山   #landscapephotography   #sunrisephotography   #photo   #photography   #longexposure   #longexposurephotography  

Afore Qualit... : 2013-09-18 11:17:40 コメント 10件 共有 10人
Afore Quality: http://smu.gs/1gw0xz9  Taken as the incoming typhoon lingered at sea. More from Izu: http://www.jasonarney.com/Japan/Izu #japan   #sunset   #sunsetphotography   #izu   #izuislands   #夕焼け   #夕焼けフォト   #夕焼けと海   #oceanphotography  

Tokyo Mori Q... : 2013-07-18 20:38:38 コメント 4件 共有 10人
Tokyo Mori Quality: http://smu.gs/15oJA5t  The forrest I live in has many paths. #japan   #tokyo   #tokyophoto   #東京フォト   #東京   #photo   #photography   #cityscape   #cityscapephotography   #longexposure   #longexposurethursday   #longexposurephotography  

Mononoke Qua... : 2014-10-30 13:54:04 コメント 5件 共有 9人
Mononoke Quality: http://smu.gs/1E4ewd4  In minds captured, still ancient gods roam. Although I rarely talk about it, it takes many trips to a single location to leave satisfied - this was the third trip, of now five, to Shirakoma Lake's Mononoke Forest. This endless moss forest helped inspire the minds that went on to create Studio Ghibli's epic Pricess Mononoke and each trip leaves me knowing I've yet to truly due it justice. More than anything, as I reflect back on this shot, I am still lost, unable to truly comprehend the infinite density of life and its timeless scale. #cooljapan  

(日本語は以下) Alt... : 2015-04-27 11:42:52 コメント 4件 共有 9人
(日本語は以下) Although exhausting, I had a blessed with with the exhibition last week at Harajuku. I was able to spend quality time with so many people and share the joy of summer festivals. This Tuesday (4/28) the Ogikubo exhibit begins! The Ogikubo space is slightly larger so I'll be able to show 4 more prints. It would love to see everyone there. Exhibit details: http://www.jasonarney.com/The-Streets-Bloom-%E9%81%93%E3%81%8C%E5%92%B2%E3%81%8F  充分疲れてきたが、展示でお祭りの楽しみをたくさんの方々と共有でき、本当に素敵な一週間を過ごせるようになりました。今週の火曜から(4/28)荻窪の会場に移動します。荻窪の会場はかなり広いので、更に4枚を達すことができました。会場に、みんなさんとゆっくり話したいのです! 展示の詳細: http://www.jasonarney.com/The-Streets-Bloom-%E9%81%93%E3%81%8C%E5%92%B2%E3%81%8F  #cooljapan  

Yatto yatto ... : 2014-10-15 23:27:22 コメント 7件 共有 8人
Yatto yatto sa! Been rather swamped with business trips, work, fall color hunting, and the like, but my mind always drifts back to those festive summer days, those nights filled with dance. As with others like it, this is another from the 135DC... a lens which I had almost given up on, but a lucky accident proved it a worthy addition to the arsenal and it was brought along to the Hatsudai Awaodori. This young girl is with Sharaku ren, one of the many fine teams that graced the Hatsudai Awaodori. #cooljapan   #awaodori  

Yatto yatto ... : 2014-09-03 23:49:49 コメント 6件 共有 8人
Yatto yatto sa! Quality: http://smu.gs/WbyVfl  Although my exposure was limited, I knew from my initial Koenji 2013 shots, that in many ways, Hyottoko-ren defined much of what captured my muse within Awaodori: dynamic yet subtle, graceful yet explosive, song and dance awaken the mind. Through communication with Hyottoko, they revealed their teacher was Uzuki-ren and my imagination was immediately seized. Needless to say, Uzuki-ren did not disappoint! More on Hyottoko-ren: http://www.hyottoko-ren.com/  More on Uzuki-ren: http://www.stannet.ne.jp/uzuki/index.html  More from Japanese matsuri: http://www.jasonarney.com/Galleries/Matsuri  #cooljapan   #awaodori  

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