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Happy New Ye... : 2012-12-31 23:40:53 コメント 36件 共有 41人
Happy New Year! 20 minutes and counting until the new year in Tokyo - to everyone,hope you have a happy and safe evening,and see you in 2013!  :) #newyear   #happynewyear   #happynewyear2013  

Controlled c... : 2014-07-22 08:46:24 コメント 16件 共有 14人
Controlled chaos Fireworks (hanabi) season is starting in Japan now, so you will be seeing a bunch of fireworks photos uploaded by folks in Japan over the next couple of months :) This was taken at the Adachi fireworks on Saturday - the event proceeded despite a downpour that had all of us totally drenched (we're a little more water-resistant than our cameras, so all rain protection went into keep our gear as dry as possible) Fortunately not much lightning, and the rains started to taper off just as the fireworks began.  Big thanks to +Agustin Rafael Reyes and DJ for finding this great spot and holding it, as well as +Giovanni Piliarvu and +Nithin Selva for the pleasure of their company. Off to work now, have a good day all! #Japan   #cooljapan   #100tokyo   #adachifireworks   #fireworks   #Tokyo  

Happy New Ye... : 2013-12-31 19:42:11 コメント 31件 共有 13人
Happy New Year! Still a little early (about 4.5hrs left to go here in Tokyo), but since I'll be away from a computer, I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year now :) I've been away from G+ for a bit again, too much other stuff to work on, but I've enjoyed all the images I've seen here over the year, and am grateful for all the friendships and interactions I've made. I wish you all the best for 2014! (and have a safe and enjoyable/restful/happy new year's eve) See you in 2014!  :) #newyear   #newyearseve   #newyear2014   #Tokyo   #Japan   #Odaiba   #fireworks   #happynewyear  

Old, new, an... : 2014-07-18 23:09:07 コメント 4件 共有 9人
Old, new, and everything in between Architecture in Prague (and perhaps throughout Europe?) is pretty cool with its mix of old and new structures, homes and apartments rubbing shoulders with ancient cathedrals.  Perhaps a common sight for Europeans, but not something I've observed very much in a metropolis like Tokyo. Have a good weekend folks, and good night!  :) #prague   #czechrepublic   #europe   #architecture  

Up, up, and ... : 2014-03-20 19:31:26 コメント 17件 共有 7人
Up, up, and away! Caught the elusive +Trey Ratcliff just before takeoff in Asakusa today :-D #100Tokyo #CoolJapan

That was a v... : 2012-12-07 17:28:38 コメント 6件 共有 6人
That was a very long earthquake... magnitude 7.4 Tsunami warning issued for those along the Miyagi coast: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/tsunami/index.html #earthquake  

I've just co... : 2012-10-22 00:18:12 コメント 5件 共有 5人
I've just come back from a weekend of shooting fall colors and wanted to put up a quick preview post before going to bed.  :) Big thanks to +Jeff Austin for letting me tag along - be sure to check his stream in the coming days (as well as the posts of fellow photographers +Agustin Rafael Reyes and +Jason Arney ) for what are sure to be amazing images. And with that,good night all!

Walking the ... : 2013-09-15 00:10:29 コメント 4件 共有 4人
Walking the straight and narrow A common sight on the streets of Ginza on a weekend.  However, this weekend may see fewer pedestrians out and about with the typhoon Man-yi heading our way. Looks like tomorrow may be a good day to stay home! #Tokyo   #Ginza   #Japan  

Tokyo's Firs... : 2013-01-14 23:15:04 コメント 28件 共有 3人
Tokyo's First Snow of 2013 - January 14 I hadn't planned to go out today at all... well,ok,I had made plans last week to meet up with a few G+ friends to shoot the "Coming of Age" activities today,but when I woke up,it was pouring rain so we canceled the photowalk. I fully expected to stay home and go through my backlog when I got a call from +Claire SK ,telling me that it was snowing!  I jumped up and pulled open the curtains... only to find that it was still raining in my part of town.  However,sure enough,an hour later I peeked out again and snow was coming down like the dickens. I decided to revisit my earlier plan,and head out to Meiji Jingu shrine again to see what I could see. Unfortunately,I only spotted a couple of ladies in the traditional kimono garb (and only got one of them in a photo because they were definitely NOT standing around in that weather),but it was still a pretty cool walk. This much snow (almost 10cm!) in Tokyo is still unusual (at least for me),and it really changes the entire landscape.  It was also rather dangerous because the weight of the snow caused many (including some very heavy) branches to crash down.  Some people got hit (fortunately by smaller branches) but a pretty big one fell only 20 meters in front of me (you can see it in the picture where a couple men with chainsaws are preparing to break it up).   So,protip for photographers shooting in the snow - don't stay under trees.... I only stayed out for a couple hours before coming back home due to the cold,but it was a great day nonetheless :) #snow    #japan   #tokyo   #雪   #降雪  

Winter view ... : 2013-02-04 08:18:08 コメント 18件 共有 3人
Winter view Just a quick shot from this weekend's trip - this was taken from the Shinhotaka ropeway platform in Okuhida.  A lovely view,though a bit chilly at around -6 degrees or so. I'm not sure if this image looks right color-wise.  I copied over my photos after I got home around midnight last night,did a little tweaking,but I was so groggy that I couldn't really focus,which is why I'm not sticking this image in an album just yet. More to come (after I've gotten more rest...) #japan   #mountainmonday  

Japanese Wed... : 2013-01-28 23:24:29 コメント 18件 共有 3人
Japanese Wedding at Meiji Jingu shrine I had the fortune of coming across a wedding procession while I was visiting Meiji Jingu shrine earlier this year,somehow managing to be in the perfect spot to catch a few shots of this lovely moment. I haven't seen many of these Japanese-style weddings,and usually when I've seen them,it's almost always been from a distance,so I was quite happy to be able to get a little closer and catch a glimpse of this facet of Japanese culture. Hope you enjoy them,and good night from Tokyo!  :) #Tokyo   #Wedding   #Japan  

Internet Con... : 2013-05-29 00:20:41 コメント 16件 共有 3人
Internet Connectivity is go! Been away from G+ for a little bit as I've just moved to a new apartment.  It's been a long and tiring process, and the fact that my new place is beside Kanpachi-dori (a busy and NOISY road, even at night), compounded the stress.  (I now hate motorcycles with a passion, at least those riders who feel the need to gun their engines repeatedly in the middle of the night) I'm still unpacking my stuff, but I finally got my internet connection up and running today, so I'm back online at least :) Had the chance to hang out with some friends that I hadn't seen in a long time last Saturday, and later that evening headed to Asakusa to catch the end of the "Tokyo Hotaru" festival. The glowing lights in the river are created by LED's that float downriver, simulating fireflies (don't worry, the lights are later caught in a net downriver, so there is no harm to the environment).  It's a pretty sight, though the crowds of viewers make it tough to move around... It's good to be back online, and I should be posting more (at least once I get more of my stuff unpacked).  Good night from Tokyo! #東京ホタル   #japan   #skytree  

It's Friday!... : 2012-11-02 08:15:44 コメント 13件 共有 3人
It's Friday! At least,it's Friday for those of us in this part of the world.  ;) This was a lovely field of sunflowers that we stumbled upon during our trip to Hokkaido earlier this year - we grabbed our cameras and managed to take a few shots before being shooed off (pleasantly enough though - I think they've had experience with camera-crazy folks who just can't help themselves :p Hope this is a pleasant lead-up to the weekend for you all :) #sunflowers   #hokkaido   #japan   #tgif  

Prague, insi... : 2014-06-21 18:35:33 コメント 10件 共有 3人
Prague, inside the St. Francis of Assisi church I really need to go through and process my photos.  Though I still take photos regularly for fun, it feels like the bigger the backlog, the less enthusiasm I have for going through and editing/uploading them... As the title states, this is a quick shot of the interior of the St. Francis of Assisi church in Prague.  I took very few interior shots throughout my Europe trip because one can't very well take a tripod into a church and start shooting, and though the interiors are beautiful (often amazingly so), they're also quite dim - and I just don't want to shoot with high iso because I'll end up deleting those shots in the end anyway. #prague   #czechrepublic   #stfrancisofassisi   #church  

Snowpocalyps... : 2014-02-14 22:51:31 コメント 9件 共有 3人
Snowpocalypse Tokyo is once again experiencing some unprecedented snowfall today, and it's expected to carry on at least overnight.  Snow is still relatively exciting for me to see, and (as long as I'm appropriately dressed) I rather enjoy stomping through the drifts.  :) It was already snowing briskly when I left home around 6AM this morning, and these shots are just a few images I took on the way home early this evening.  I knew I didn't want to lug the D800e around with me (snow + wind + umbrella + work bag does not make for a stable environment, which is a requirement for that camera), but I dug out my old X10 and had a bit of fun shooting on my way home. Nothing too fancy, just scenes of today's snowstorm around Jiyugaoka :) #Tokyo   #Japan   #Snow   #Snowpocalypse   #Winter  

Autumn I kno... : 2013-11-24 22:00:59 コメント 8件 共有 3人
Autumn I know there are already tons of fall color photos coming through your streams, hope you don't mind another.  (^^; This weekend went by way too fast, can't believe it's already over... Hope you all had a good weekend!  :) #Japan   #Tokyo   #Fallcolors   #autumncolors  

Hana I playe... : 2013-09-17 21:24:32 コメント 8件 共有 3人
Hana I played around with the filters in Nik Color Efex for this shot - not something I usually do, but I was having fun.  :) Anyone know what kind of flower it is? Good night from Tokyo! #Flower   #花   #Nature  

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